Top 5 bizarre celebrity collectibles sold at auction
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Top 5 bizarre celebrity collectibles sold at auction

Top 5 bizarre celebrity collectibles sold at auction

Top 5 bizarre celebrity memorabilia

We have heard of expensive jewelry, houses, paintings and buy Baclofen online other valuable items going under hammer. But for those collectors who are willing to splurge a fortune on celebrity memorabilia from rare photographs to autographed personal items and even on items as bizarre as their teeth, undergarments to celebrity X-rays, fans are prepared to pay high prices to get their hands on memorabilia that once belonged to the famous celebrities. The cult-status of celebrities is enough to keep the auction bids soaring even for something as gross as Justin Timberlake's leftover French toast, tissue used by Scarlett Johansson and Britney Spears’ used chewing gum; all items were bought by fans in thousands of dollars. Hence, we have compiled a list of five such strange memorabilia that was sold at astronomical prices at various auctions:

1. Gold

Price: $900,000

At Sotheby’s

The most expensive item in the list is the 18-carat gold statue of Kate Moss in a yoga pose that was recently sold at Sotheby’s for a whopping $900,000, although the artist was expecting $15.9 million for his intricate work. The status is created by famous sculpture maker Marc Quinn is called as Mircrocosmos (Siren) and was sold to an anonymous buyer on phone form Asia. This is a gold version of Quinn's 2006 piece that featured Moss in a similar pose but was made of bronze. The statue was recently sold at the auction and was also displayed at the British Museum Nereid Gallery among statues of Greek goddesses including Aphrodite. The artist says she didn't pose for him like that a yoga expert was asked to pose for him to get the exact posture. The body, hands and feet are based on Kate’s accurate size.

2. Marilyn Monroe chest X-rays

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Price: $45,000

At Hollywood Legends auction

Amongst the strange memorabilia, Marilyn Monroe’s chest X-rays was one such item that was sold at cool $45,000. The X-rays were expected to fetch around $3,500 -$4,500 but was sold at much higher price.The set of three X-rays that was Prozac price taken in 1954 was auctioned at Planet Hollywood Resort, Hollywood Legends auction and Casino in Las Vegas. The x-ray carries her married name of Marilyn Di Maggio as she was still married to the American baseball star Joe Di Maggio and was going under the divorce proceedings. The X-ray was with her daughter who put it up for sale.

3. Justin Bieber's hair

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Price: $40,668

At eBay charity sale

Our hair is simply wiped out after trimming, but the celebrity hair is too expensive to be wiped with a broom. Justin Bieber seems to get this ides form the Elvis Presley's hair auction that fetched a good amount of money. This teen age sensation sold his hair in the name of charity to eBay early this year. Although the bid started at buy baclofen online. in stock - same day worldwide shipping. money back guarantee. buy cheap generic or brand baclofen online. no rx . save up to 80 % just $6,700 but was sold for cool $40,668 and the money raised was gone to rehabilitates animals.

4. Elvis Presley's hair

Top 5 bizarre celebrity memorabilia

Price: $18,300

At Leslie Hindman auctioneers

When it comes to King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley memorabilia associated with him gets similar attention. Surprisingly his hair that is said to be cut when he joined army was up for auction in 2009. The clump of hair fetched $18,300 which a bit more than the expected price which was big variety of generic cialis,buy cialis retail price for prednisone retail price for prednisone Deltasone without prescription jelly,soft,black,professional totally legal , $12,000. It was bought by a loyal fan at at Chicago's Leslie Hindman auctioneers. The clump of hair was given to Gary Pepper as president of the Tankers Fan Club to pass it on to Elvis fans. Not only his hair but 200 other items like Pez dispenser, dolls and clothes that belonged to this legendary star was auctioned and fetched handsome money.

5. John Lennon's tooth

Top 5 bizarre celebrity memorabilia

Expected Price: $16,000

At Omega Auction house

A tooth of one of the founding members of The Beatles, John Lennon is up for auction at the Omega Auction house, New York. The auction house has kept the minimum bid at $16,000 and is expected a bit more than this as fans are investing a huge amount of celebrity memorabilia. The molar has a cavity and is completely pale and hence was removed by the dentist. Lennon gave the tooth to Dorothy "Dot" Jarlett, his housekeeper who served him between 1964 and 1968. The tooth has been in Canada for 40 years how to buy Plan B and is now up for sale.

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