Top 5 celebrity items that fetched big bucks at auction
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Top 5 celebrity items that fetched big bucks at auction

Top 5 celebrity items that fetched big bucks at auction

Celebrity memorabilia fetched big bucks at auctions

Famous people and celebrities could never imagine what imprint they will leave on the upcoming generations. While they are alive, every action related to them is important for their fans. Once they are gone, they leave behind the belongings as memories for the world to cherish. Celebrity memorabilia often goes on sale and fetches millions of dollars from the auction. Right from the hair of the celebrities to the dresses worn by them uk , baclofen tn, baclofen co, texas (tx), baclofen massachusetts, baclofen florida, baclofen iowa canadian pharmacy no rx buy baclofen online cheap in movies, everything remains in vogue. We have compiled a list of such memorabilia that went under the hammer and fetched astronomical price, read on:

1. Debbie Reynolds Film Memorabilia Auction

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Debbie Reynolds Film Memorabilia Auction

Estimated price: $18 Million-$19 million

Fetched: $22.8 Million

Debbie Reynolds Film Memorabilia Auction is one of the most highly anticipated auctions related to the belongings of the celebrities. The auction includes collection of original film posters, dresses, film costumes, shoes and many other things used by the celebs. The auction was expecting a high price of $18 million but fetched a little more than that - $22.8 Buy Strattera million. It sold items like the white billowing dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch that fetched $4.6 Million, Judy Garland 'Dorothy' dress worn in Wizard of Oz that sold for $910,000, Audrey Hepburn Ascot dress that went on for $3.7 million, Julie's SOM guitar that fetched $140,000 and many more items.

2. Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' jacket it's a miracle online pharmacy in florida usa dapoxetine online . we are going back to being jews, and i still retain my job dapoxetine 90 pills x 30 mg - 179.86

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' jacket

Estimated Price: $200,000 to $400,000

Fetched :$1.8 Million

The famous Thriller jacket worn by King of Pop Michael Jackson is in craze since the video of famed album Thriller was released in 1983. This legendary jacket was a gift to Jackson’s well known costume designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush. Propranolol 20mg The jacket was estimated to fetch around $200,000 to $400,000 but actually got dramatically high price and was sold at $1.8 million at the auction held at Julien’s Auction Gallery, Beverly Hills.

3. Richard Gere Guitar Collection

Richard Gere Guitar Collection

Fetched: $936,000

Richard Gere collection of guitar was up for auction recently and fetched around $936,000. The best guitar amongst the lot was 960 Gibson Les Paul that surpassed the estimated cost $90,000 and was sold at $98,500. Another guitar that crossed the estimated price was the 1958 Gibson Flying V that was estimated cheapest prices pharmacy. generic name prednisone . express delivery, buy prednisone without prescription. at $60,000 but sold at $74,500. 1931 Martin D- 28 guitar also fetched $62,50.

4. Marilyn Monroe's black cocktail dress

Marilyn Monroe's black cocktail dress

Estimated Price: $20,000 and $30,000

Fetched: $348,000

The famous cocktail black dress worn by the blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe was sold at a cool price of $348,000. It was a black crepe cocktail dress with deep V-neck and low-cut back with pouf hemline. The celebrity was spotted wearing the same dress on the cover of the book "Marilyn Monroe: From Beginning to End" by Michael Ventura. The dress surpassed the estimated figure that was just $20k- $30k and fetched a great sum of $348,000.

5. John Wayne's green beret

Celebrity memorabilia fetched big bucks at auctions

Fetched: $179,250

The Green Berets, a war film, who had John Wayne as a leading actor is in news. This time for the famous Green Beret (hat) worn by the actor in the film that fetched a lot in an auction. The costume hat fetched $179,250 along with the other celebrity memorabilia that Erectile Dysfunction was sold at the same auction. The auction raised a total of $5.3 million with many items raising the estimating price. A segment of the profits has gone to cancer research, treatment and education by the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

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