Top 5 most expensive anti-aging creams
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Top 5 most expensive anti-aging creams

Top 5 most expensive anti-aging creams

Top 5 most expensive anti ageing cream

Every woman wants to stop the ‘age clock’ as aging gives ugly fine lines, under eye puffiness and dark circles. Unfortunately, it can only be delayed but not stopped completely. We can’t really spin back the time, but many of the best anti wrinkle creams can reduce the facade of wrinkles, lines and dark circles in just a few weeks and they are ‘clinically proven’. Some skin cosmetics are costly enough to be locked in a safe as very often we come across many anti-aging creams that cost a fortune.

No cosmetic company guarantees a complete revamp of the look but they claim to reduce the aging spots and other problems in the skin. Well, there are alternate treatments for skin like Botox and other surgeries but it is any day better to utilize your money on something that is less risky. From $10,000 skin cream to a volumizing serum that costs $600 Clonidine without prescription per ounce, the beauty creams are not cheaper than Botox but are less risky. The question is what makes this product so astronomically pricey? Well, time-intensive study, and striking wrapping, the expensive and rare ingredients such as exotic antioxidants extracted from rare plants, crushed pearls, gold, caviar and other things are some of the main contributors to the whopping prices of face cream. Well, let’s have a look at some of the most expensive beauty creams:

1. Angle and Weightman face cream

Top 5 most expensive anti ageing cream

Price: $10,000

Key ingredient: Stem cell properties

Controlling the age comes with a heavy cost and this is well proved by Angle and Weightman buy baclofen online australia. street value pump needed elavil 10 mg kids pump mri compatible. 10 mg ndc number privatrezept drug test baclofen interactions  who have introduced a face cream worth $10,000. Yes, this cream costs much more than any Botox or face up-liftment therapy that normally costs $5000-$6000 maximum. The company claims that the cream has stem cell extracts that refinishes and re-hydrates your skin like no other beauty cream or beauty treatments. Angle and Weightman also say that the use of just one month will show a vast difference on your skin. Well, we are not sure about the difference on the skin but it will surely bring a difference in your wallet!

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Price: $3000 (per jar)

Key ingredient: sea proteins

Some skin creams are expensive because of the content and others because of the packaging. This La Prairie skin cream comes in a Luxury Edition of 50 ml diamond-studded cream pot. The bottle has been decked with 2,400 Swarovski crystals adorned with hands in 42 hours of hard labor. Not only because of the bottle but the cream is expensive because of the rare content present in it. It is one of the most richly textured creams fluconazole without prescription mixed with sea proteins (caviar) Phytotherapy and Bioengineering technologies. This 50ml of jar comes with a price tag of $3000 ($2,900 to be precise).

3. The Essence skin serum

Top 5 most expensive anti ageing cream

Price: $2,350

Key ingredient: Marine algae

Beauty conscious women have already tried Crème de la Mer which has all the rare sea extracts that can do wonders to the skin (the company claims so). With the ingredients, such as petrolatum (the contents of Vaseline), glycerin and eucalyptus leaf oil, the cream has already proved its metal. Many celebrities like Marcia Cross and Jennifer Lopez have admitted to use this cream. Now the company has introduced a new skin serum known as The Essence that claims to bring glow on the skin in just three weeks. This serum is packed in very elegant emerald-green phials that contain the “Miracle Broth,” a combination of seaweed, minerals, vitamin and wheat germ, marine algae and the essence of daffodil bulbs. The serum claims to rejuvenate the skin in just three weeks of use.

4. Intensité Volumizing Serum

Top 5 most expensive anti ageing cream

Price: $600 per ounce

Key ingredient: Epidermal Growth Factor

RéVive, a company that was founded by the well known plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, who found the application of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor, a bioengineered molecule) in skin care products in 1989, has now come up with a volumizing serum. The Intensité Volumizing Serum goes deep in the skin and with the help of Keratinocyte Growth Factor helps in reducing the age line and sand rejuvenates the skin. This expensive skin care product is a product of a well known Doctor, buy esomeprazole hence, can be trusted a little more than other products. The serum sells at a whooping price tag of $600 per ounce.

5. Platinum-Infused Moisturizer

Top 5 most expensive anti ageing cream

Price: $1000

Key ingredient: Platinum

A well known beauty company, La prairie, introduced an expensive skin care cream made out of the most expensive metal on earth - Platinum. The metal is known for its remarkably click here to phenergan buy online phenergan buy online buy phenergan buy baclofen baclofen baclofen no prescription buy baclofen overnight shipping. baclofen purchase baclofen paypal without prescription revitalizing properties and has already been recognized in high profile papers as one of the most successful skin-care treatments. The platinum-based moisturizer has healing properties and helps in reducing the signs of aging.

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