Top 5 most expensive Halloween Costumes
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Top 5 most expensive Halloween Costumes

Top 5 most expensive Halloween Costumes

October 31st is approaching fast and with various Halloween enthusiasts and fanatics scouring and searching over online shops for various types and prices of Halloween costumes, the prices of some of these costumes are just unbelievable and even scary. If you are on the already on the course prepping for the forthcoming Halloween party, there are lots of budget-busting apparels that might really rip off your wallet significant amount of cash. Below are the top 5 most expensive Halloween costumes this year.


  1. The Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Men’s Costume ($800)

Costing about $800 at some online shops, the Halo 3 costume, is one of the licensed Halloween apparels that come with gauntlets, boot tops, quilted jumpsuit with EVA armor and two-piece deluxe helmet. Chosen by Electronic Gaming Monthly, this Halo Master Chief costume is great for those of you who want to save the earth. For real, this costume is outdated, but that’s basically the reason why you should spend some few extra bugs to own one!



  1. Orange State Prison Jumpsuit Costume ($1000)

Everyone is baffled why such a prison thread goes for about $1000. While, the only thing missing from this high-priced jumpsuit is a Bernie Madoff’s mask, it is actually an authentic prison costume that will give you that eerie ambiance you seek this spooky holiday.



  1. Fish Mascot Costume($1370)

Do you have some sense of humor? This costume resembling a merman, which comes at $1370, is enough to make your neighbors laugh. Coming with screened vision paneling order to help you ��swim’ on land and some in-built fans to keep you cool just like a true blue fish, this costume is really worth the price.



  1. Medieval Gothic Full Suit of Armor Costume($10,000)

Go barbaric just like the Medieval Goth with this incredible full suit Halloween armor coming at $10,000. Resembling those creepy knights, you’re always wary thinking of them, this apparel is handmade and it’s just what you need to look spooky just like one of those supernatural creatures you’ve seen in “X-Men Days of the Future Past”. This is a steel costume originating from India is great for those who would like to protect themselves from Halloween’s knights.


  1. Veniamin’s Human Slinky Costume ($1,000,000)

This seven-figured costume is really colorful and it just evokes the beautiful memories of the 80s when vending machines were used to make slinky toys. If you’ve a million dollars to spare for this Halloween, then this is your thing. In case you purchase it, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a partner having it. The listing from one of the online shops indicated that one has permission of up to five years to perform on all stages worldwide while wearing this costume. One can also choose to wear Veniamin’s Human Slinky Costume for a lifetime for private parties and Halloween.

A lot is expected from this Halloween holiday as usual. Many folks would put on their apparels and have an exhilarating time, just akin to Cos Play some event. Unlike the past, where witches, vampires and zombies were common, today the likes of Iron Man and Thor rules theHalloween’s atmosphere. That’s why it isn’t that surprising that the aforementioned costumes are very expensive.


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