Top 5 Most Expensive Video Game Accessories
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Top 5 Most Expensive Video Game Accessories

Top 5 Most Expensive Video Game Accessories

While the wealthy might consider purchasing luxury homes, cars, and yachts, as just another ordinary expense, who knew that the gaming industry created many accessories that are also designed to cater those with plenty of cash on hand. While the rich can certainly buy gold plated X-Box counsels or diamond encrusted Wii counsels, you might be surprised to some of these top 5 most expensive video game accessories.

5. The Steel Battalion Controller ~ $199
For the amount of machinery you get for the $199, this is actually quite a good deal. The Steel Battalion game produced by Capcom was available in a bundle for the X-Box that came with this impressive little accessory. Similar to controllers you would see back in the 1980’s, the only real drawback is that it works exclusively on Steel Battalion and the sequel. That being said, this accessory is simply a gamers dream, and coming in at under $200 is definitely a steal.

4. The Premium Edition Resident Evil 6 ~ $1,299
When Capcom released Resident Evil 6, it was soon followed by a special edition version, and then this premium edition. With the game came a limited edition BSAA watch and a replica of the leather jacket Leon wears. While the leather jacket would be enough for many gamers to shell out the $1,299, you also receive tablet cases exactly like the ones used in Resident Evil to store all those health items. For arcade mode, you received additional stickers and a unique map.

3. The Gaming Keyboard for Optimus Maximus ~ $1,699
If you want to really be welcomed into the geek society, you must have the keyboard for the Optimus Maximus game. For only $1,699, it comes complete with the keys that have tiny LED screens on them that move an impressive ten frames a second. Every key has this unique feature, allowing you to quickly identify the key at a glance. The keyboard literally transforms the way the game is experienced.

2. The Racing Simulator for VRX Mach 4 ~ $24,999
If you are looking for the ultimate in gaming driving experiences, the $24.999 for the VRX racing simulator is the price you will have to pay. Now you can experience up close and personal all those things that scare drivers to death, without ever having to leave your home. For the price of a brand new vehicle, you get three different 37″ televisions, four new X-Box 360’s, a Microsoft steering wheel, a new LCD screen, a unique vibration amplifier, Bose surround sound, four copies of Forza 3, and your very own personal refrigerator. Enjoy those driving video games on an entirely new level with your new racing simulator.

1. The Emperor Workstation 200 – $39,999
Drum roll please! The number one gaming accessory on our top 5 most expensive video game accessories list is the Emperor Workstation 200. This behemoth comes complete with a new Playstation 3 system, three brand new LCD screens, independent lighting, comfortable leather recliner, Blu-Ray player, fully integrated web camera, and a set of noise cancelling headphones. This is the ultimate way to experience gaming, and at only $39,999 you can join the ranking of just a handful of players who currently experience playing this way on a regular basis.

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