Top 5 vintage watches to look for
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Top 5 vintage watches to look for

Top 5 vintage watches to look for

With value of vintage watches increasing by the day, it is perhaps the best time to invest in the same. The auctions lately have been fetching great prices when it comes to vintage watches and this is one of the reasons for watch collectors showing interest in these.

Below are listed some of the top vintage watches which have created a buzz in the watch industry.

1.)    Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle

Vacheron Constantin is a respectable name in the watch industry. They have now ventured into vintage watch category with Tour de series. The watch costs over $1.2 million and has an authentic tourbillion along with two faces and numerous other complications.


2.)    Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner is another exclusive vintage watch and has been a favourite of Hollywood stars including Steve McQueen. The self winding movement is its specialty and the bracelets have been made from fine stainless steel. Rolex Submariner has been priced at $199,000.


3.)    Jaeger- LeCoultre Memovox

This watch has been around since 1950’s and costs around $20,000. You can get these in both manual and automatic mode. The centre dials in Jaeger- LeCoultre Memovox are truly exclusive and can be considered an engineering marvel.


4.)    Cartier Tank

Priced at $9,500, Cartier Tank is another exclusive vintage watch to be looked for. Cartier Tank was the leader in watches from 1910 to 1960. The watch is truly exclusive as only 100 of these are manufactured annually. The signature dial of Cartier Tank is its other specialty which makes it truly exclusive.


5.)    IWC MKXI

IWC MKXI costs around $6,000 and those with interest in aviation will find this vintage watch to be of particular interest. Its anti magnetic cage, a 36 mm diameter and the calibre 89 movement are its specialty.


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