Top 7 Star Hotels across the Globe
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Top 7 Star Hotels across the Globe

Top 7 Star Hotels across the Globe

Love to be splurged in luxury and elegance. Some hotels are so elegant that you cannot resist reading about them, even if you are not able to spend some moments of comfort in these special hotels.

We have come up with a collection of some of these elegant hotels. Read on and experience the feeling of being in a luxurious world.

5.)    Emirates Hotel, Abu Dhabi

With $3.9 billion going in designing of the Emirates Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the property is indeed special. With its own private beach in the offering, do not be surprised if you are tempted to go on long walk in its private gardens. The suites in Emirates have been covered in gold and marble, thus lending a unique touch.


A one night stay at Emirates can cost you over $12,000.

4.) i Square Hotel &Mall, Orlando

Though still in the making, i Square Hotel & Mall will be ready by 2017. This hotel in Florida will have 1256 rooms. The cost estimates have been worked to be over $400 million and the hotel is likely to have two towers, observation desk, restaurants and ice skating ring along with other amenities.


3.) Pangu Plaza, Beijing

One of the special guests to stay at Pangu Plaza was Bill Gates. The hotel is known for its Japanese restaurant which is considered to be the best in the world. A specialty of the hotel is its unique Chinese décor and you will get a glimpse of the Chinese culture in Pangu Plaza. The Plaza has dedicated apartments which can be hired for $800,000 for a year.



2.) The Pentominium, Dubai

Though Pentominium is more of a residential apartment complex, yet the guests can expect facilities which only some of the best hotels across the globe have. Expect world class butler service, use of luxury vehicles which are owned by the Pentominium.

Its indoor pool will give you a view of the coastline and the swanky bars will give nightmares to the best of the bars across the world. Though construction has been halted as of now due to lack of finances, the work is expected to begin soon.


1.)    Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Located on an artificial island, Burj Al Arab in Dubai is unique indeed. The hotel suites come for $18,716 for a night and Burj Al Arab has over 202 rooms. The hotel also has its own helicopter service and you can take a round of Dubai in this service.


If you can splurge in elegance, a visit to Burj Al Arab is highly recommended.



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