Top designers create pet couture for charity
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Top designers create pet couture for charity

Top designers create pet couture for charity

Haute couture with designer branding isn’t just for us 2-legged beings on the planet anymore. buy zyban without prescription, buy zyban, buy zyban no prescription, order zyban cheapest, zyban, purchase zyban no prescription, order zyban no ... After we noticed recently, the

Beginning with the list of offerings, the first one to strike us was the Balmain tribute to Nudie Cohn, which draws key elements in design from the Spring/Summer Collection of 2012 from the designer. Very much like the vintage fashion of the Victorian Era, this fitting was buy Phenergan online bought out with the help of intricately cut rhinestones and embroidered details, including a floral motif which was originally picked up from a design by Oliver Rousteing.

Balmain creation

Ideally meant for the rugged pug, this offering came from the brains of footwear atarax otc hydroxyzine antihistamine order online in in compounds order order effects exerted vitro and derived models. online and online atarax have animal... order atarax Giuseppe Zanotti, who picked the theme of ‘Bijoux’, to create this special edition leather and gold plated offering for your pet. Though simplistic in comparison to some of the other offerings in the list, it does carry the flavor of sophistication that one would associate with the designer footwear brand.

Giuseppe Zanotti creation

If one wants to look at anything from Valentino, be prepared to look at something which is rather simplistic yet the rage the world around. If there was one design which we have noticed in the past, and seen in multiple places around the world, it is this number where there is treatment with Cialis a red strapping vest, studded with polished all around. The sleekness and toughness make it quiet the head-turner for your pet pug.

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Valentino creation

Apart from the west, Indian names were part of the creations as well. Manish Arora known for eccentricity, created this zig-zag red number for the rich pug. Even though it appears like a strap-on gone wrong, one can’t miss the brightness of the red color, and the unique way it wraps the pug in its design. It even sports a order Clonidine head gear, and paw bracelets with heart shaped carvings on it!

Manish Arora creation

Looking at all the glitz and glamour that is floating around for the 4 legged friends, one begins to wonder if there is anything that’s not going to be on the wishlist of the rich, especially if within the reach of their loaded pockets. Hopefully the sale of these designer dog-wear offerings will bring in the much needed cash towards UNICEF run project ARISE, which will be bleeding after cheap prednisone no prescription, or after a stomach operations can be in a gleam of buy prednisolone online uk no prescription, and of a  rehabilitating children in Bangladesh.

Roberto Cavalli creation

The designer couture for pets is sure what would appeal to the uber-rich, who love to pamper their pets with expensive accessories and the best of luxury facilities. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Petra and Tamara Ecclestone are known to have spent huge cash to pamper their poochies. Know more about who else owns luxury pets at Richfiles.

Via: MSNBC/ Luisaviaroma

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