Top Pick for Thieves – Luxury Cars!
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Top Pick for Thieves – Luxury Cars!

Top Pick for Thieves – Luxury Cars!

With thieves getting choicest about the types of cars they wish to target, increasing number of Mercedes- Benzes and Range Rovers are vanishing. Interestingly, most of these stolen cars are either shipped abroad or are simply driven across the borders.


In a report shared by the Federal Authority, large number of high end cars is stolen every year to be shipped to destination overseas. In fact a section of media was taken by the Federal Authorities to a store where large number of luxury cars which were about to be shipped after being stolen were kept. These cars were intercepted by the authorities from distinct places and kept at a common place to showcase the extent of level to which thieves have gone to pick selective cars.

Each of the vehicles which were kept at this store by the authorities costed from $55,000 to $75,000 per vehicle. These vehicles could have been sold for three to four times over if smuggled overseas. James T. Hayes Jr., the head of New York office of Homeland Security points out that these vehicles are often shipped to countries in West Africa.


Here the demands for these luxury vehicles are increasing by the day and with supplies being limited, those indulging in car lifting are making the most of the occasion. National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates point out that stolen vehicles cost the customers $4.3 billion every year.

Customers have to pay higher rates to the insurance agencies considering the kind of implications involved if the vehicle gets stolen. Assistant US Attorney, Jose Almonte points out that they are always on work and have intercepted over 200 stolen vehicles during the course of their investigation lately.

Interestingly, a lady by the name of Hope Kantete has been identified as the kingpin of this vehicle lifting racket. She is now serving a 21 year sentence and has been instrumental in conducting thefts and shipping of stolen cars worth $2.5 million.

The thieves have grown smarter and they change the vehicle identification number and create fraudulent titles. This makes it difficult for the authorities to catch up with the thieves. Each of the containers also cannot be physically verified as the volume of material which is to be shipped is enormous.

However, lately numerous measures have been taken by the authorities in US and these are now showing up with increasing number of stolen luxury cars being intercepted on a regular basis.




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