Tord Boontje glorifies champagne serving ritual with Perrier-Jouët Champagne Tree

Andrea Divirgilio / March 22, 2013

Golden trees and their charm have primarily been restricted to the Christmas season so far, like we saw in the case of Ginza Tenaka’s Disney Tree and Steve Quick Jeweler Gold and diamond Christmas tree. Now Tord Boontje has glorified the art of champagne service with the Perrier Jouet Champagne Tree, aptly named the ‘Enchanting Tree’, which encompasses a gold leafy structure for having the champagne flutes and Perrier Jouet champagne being served alongside. With the order of spring in the horizon, the Enchanting Tree brings a whole new charm to the idea of welcoming spring in full bloom, while having a befitting ornamentation for the rich and well healed to maintain their elite status.

The Enchanting Tree by Tord Boontje for Perrier Jouet

The Enchanting Tree as we see here, has been done up in such a way, that when picking out the flutes for champagne, it feels like one is plucking them out by hand, and tasting the Belle Epoque Champagne alongside. In some ways, it looks to recreate the scene of plucking fruits from a tree just at the nick of spring, when it bears the first fruits of the season. The whole concept of creating something like this came to the designer Tord Boonje during his walks in the forest, and his observations of how nature behaves there. He goes on to say,

“My ideas come from my walks in the forest and from observing the interaction between light and nature.”

What he also manages to do with artistic defiance, is bring in modernism and minimalism on a common platter.

The Enchanting Tree by Tord Boontje inspiration

The inspiration however, remains much deeper in history. In 1902, Emile Galle had created special artworks by spraying white anemones for Perrier Jouet bottles, from her observations of nature and plants in general. Designer Tord Boontje has actually taken the designs created by Galle, and given them form and shape of objects, which we gather inspired the Enchanting Tree.

The man Tord Boontje

In terms of craftsmanship, the owners of the Enchanting Tree can count on the fact that handcraftsmanship is an integral part of the design. Each of the leaves have been hand-worked with soldering individually, and the anemones being lacquered in white individually to achieve the poetic charm and perfection in form. So now that the winters have disappeared mostly, it would be a good idea to bring about your own piece of the Enchanting Tree and recreate the custom of a new spring.

The Enchanting Tree by Tord Boontje for Perrier Jouet

Via: Perrier Jouet/ Tord Boontje

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