Toshiba’s new video glasses promise ultimate video watching

Andrea Divirgilio / November 8, 2007

toshiba video glasses

Video glasses enrich you with the ultimate private video watching experience. Toshiba is one of the few technology manufacturers that have remained faithful to SIMO, the largest exhibition of technology in Spain, in recent years. During the first day of exhibition, the Japanese firm showcased a couple of inquisitive items, a pair of video glasses simulating a large screen a few centimeters from our eyes and a laptop computer designed specifically for video games. Theoretically, these glasses can be hooked up to computers, moving bodies, video consoles and any apparatus that features video output. After wearing them, we would see images in movement as if what we see ahead was a screen of 38 inches. These video glasses will hit the shelves during 2008 for an expected price of 300 Euros (nearly US $440).

via TuexPerto

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