Touch Revolution brings the Android powered microwave and washing machine

Andrea Divirgilio / January 9, 2010

android microwave 1
In this ever intensifying epic contest between Google and Apple, where Android seems to invade Apple’s turf, we are about to activate more and more of these devices into our lives. A company called Touch Revolution has just given the glimpse of future with its microwave and washing machine with the Google OS. Their Android-powered NIM1000 Touch Module can be integrated by an OEM into a wide range of products adding gesture-based touch controls to almost any device. We are not sure how good the idea of improving our washing clothes would be, but it sure will make revolutionary transformation in our menu with its cooking app that gives perfect cooking settings for different dishes and even feedback to help improve the way the microwave cooks stuff. Wondering what’s next? So are we!

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Via: Oh Revolution/Pocket Lint/Uber Gizmo

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