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Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

The Toyota Supra Turbo was essentially the sports-specific grand tourer variant of the base Supra that remained in production from 1987 to 1997. The sports car came with a turbo-boosted engine and came with all the trimmings of the sports package optional on the base Supra as standard fitments. A descendant of the Toyota 2000GT and the Celia, the Supra Turbo remained in production right up to 2002. During its half decade long production run, the Supra Turbo remained an iconic modern classic and also featured in the 2001 car flick The Fast and the Furious as well as several popular gaming titles including the Midnight Club series, Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo.


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The GT-inspired Toyota Supra Turbo did not have the most luxuriant cabin in its segment and its backseat was known to hold space for accommodating pets or small children. However, the interiors of the Toyota Supra Turbo did feature a bolder design than the standard issue Supra and came with a redesigned radio and a dashing 3-spoke Momo-sourced steering wheel. Grey leather interior was standard on the model with cloth sport seats offered as part of the package. Optional equipment in the cabin included ETR/CD/Cassette player with a ten-speaker stereo system. With 2+2 seats, the Toyota Supra Turbo fixed-head coupé measured 4618 mm long and weighed a staggering 1603 kg.


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With an integrated rear spoiler, the Toyota Supra Turbo came with standard sports goodies like headlamp washers, TEMS, limited slip differential (LSD) as well as optional fittings like an Anti-Lock Braking System. The model was given additional exterior trim options like rear spoiler, taillights, air dam and a new grille. The 2+2 body style of the Toyota Supra Turbo came with a more compact look and a softly rounded styling that contrasted striking sports features like the really high optional spoiler, new taillights, revised front bumper and a 3-piece spoiler. The model came with optional roof options like a pop-up sunroof, a Sport Roof and an out-sliding power sunroof. GS-D Z-rated Goodyear tires wrapped around five-spoke wheels came as standard on the model.

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