Treadwall – Climbing walls couldn’t get better!

Andrea Divirgilio / July 31, 2008

treadwall5 jDSaZ 5784
A look at this Treadwall and my memories of being stuck midway while rock-climbing, as a kid, comes flashing back. Gosh, I wonder how I managed to climb up half way and then couldn’t budge upwards or downwards….out of fear. But I’m sure a bit of practice on something like a Treadwall can get rid of all the fears and make anyone a pro at rock-climbing. Participate in fun, engaging exercise for your whole body with this wall that runs like a treadmill but at a pace controlled by your own body. Incorporating the Natural Pace Technology, this self-paced, motor-less (for eco-buffs) climbing wall gently moves downward as you climb, always keeping your foot just a step off of the floor.

Designed to be an excellent aerobic trainer, it gets better with the addition of a Polar heart-rate receiver, integrated right into the Treadwalls’ counter-timer unit. Eliminating the need to strap on or start up, a simple turn of the wheel changes the angle of the wall from an easy slope to a severe overhang. Designed to bring the capabilities of an entire climbing gym to the limited space of a health club, school gymnasium or home, its freestanding and compact design allows you to blend it into your environment, with a choice of sizes to fit your facility.

For about $10,000, it definitely a fun way to improve fitness for all ages and abilities!

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