Tree House Fridge For the Eco-Lovers

Andrea Divirgilio / January 4, 2007

tree house fridge 12
Just a few days back, we told you about Collette Collins wooden refrigerator that brings the natural beauty of outdoors to your kitchen/living space. And, if your environmentalist heart wishes to go even deeper with the natural surroundings then this Tree House Fridge will appeal you like anything! The fridge is designed to like a tree house to bring back your childhood memories of tree house playing. The fridge is designed with a tree branch shape storage system, combining several single fridges for distributed storage in different style.

tree house fridge1 12
One fridge has holes and pattern on the door as a fruit shelf to give you the feel of picking up a fruit from the tree while the other is like a bird house. Doors can slide away when a hand is placed in front of it and you can pick-up things like from a bird’s nest. There is also a special device designed at the foot of the door, when people step on it, a wheel with small motor will slide the door open. Now, doesn’t this deserve a Red Dot designer award folks..!!

via YankoDesign

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