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Tribute to the Mont Blanc collection is a priceless wonder

Andrea Divirgilio / June 16, 2011

Tribute to the Mont Blanc

Every now and then, we come across wonderful writing marvels, like the world’s most expensive Mystery Masterpiece fountain pen, Issac Newton’s pen, Alexander von Humboldt pen etc. Montblanc is one such brand associated with the wonderful writing instruments that has produced many classic editions. Perhaps the most elegant and plush writing instrument creator ever known, it has unveiled the new special edition Meisterstück to pay tribute to its namesake. It’s a way to continue the tradition of producing the most elegant pieces.

The collection “Meisterstück” is inspired by the nature as the Montblanc is Europe’s highest mountain peak. This time, the company has not only created pens, but a whole line of writing instruments, fine jewellery and leather pieces inspired by the mountain’s snow and rocky surface. The exquisite collection was designed by Parisian concept store Colette and the whole luxury brand is designed in white. The pen top is engraved with the Montblanc emblem and has been crafted from snow crystal to reflect the glaciers of the Mont-Blanc-massif and its eternal ice. This is the only collection in which the emblem is cut from snow quartz.

The eternal graceful Mont Blanc designs have been used in the jewellery lines for men and women both. Valuable materials and precious stones are used by diligent craftsmen in the ‘Tribute to the Mont Blanc’ collection. The inspiration behind the white collection of the accessories crafted from fine imprinted white leather is the Mont Blanc glaciers.

Source: Montblanc

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