TRON legacy pinball machine: Playing the fantasy in your living room

Andrea Divirgilio / August 26, 2011

TRON LEGACY pinball machine

The Tron Legacy movie franchise seems to have gripped the world by storm, and there are numerous examples relating to the franchise, especially customized gear and automobile. We saw some personal items of use as the Tron motorcycle suits, and the Lightcycles, and now it’s a pinball machine, with the workings of the franchise imbibed into the console, letting you play the fantasy over and again in your living room.

Pinball, which also has been known to be a favorite as a pastime amongst casual gamers especially, has gone through many customization forms such as the Avatar version, and now capitalizing on the popularity is the Tron Legacy version of the gaming console. Talking about the game, each player undergoes multiple stages with different scenarios to fight through, such as riding 2 ramps for light cycle battles on different levels, trying and defeating the Recognizer target bank to bring forth Rinsler’s identity diskette, or recreate a fighting scene by releasing fireballs in the virtual battlefield. Gamers can also choose from a variety of characters to play with such as Kevin Flynn, Zuse, Gem, Quorra or even Clu. The ultimate goal is to escape the grid to emerge victorious through various levels.

The designing brainchild of the console comes from John Borg, who is working on several other projects relating to the movie franchise. He will be lending his engineering expertise along with designer John Youssi, to create limited edition versions of the gaming console. So, if you are a gamer who takes a serious note about futuristic themes, then this console would be a good choice, but be ready with a budget of around $3,799 to $5,999 to bring this console into your living room.

Via: Fox News/ Macro Specialty

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