Trump tower residence boasts gold-plated bathroom fixtures
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Trump tower residence boasts gold-plated bathroom fixtures

Trump tower residence boasts gold-plated bathroom fixtures

Trump tower residence boasts gold-plated bathroom fixtures

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If we look at the contemporary bathrooms, sanitation and function are not the only factors that are to be considered. Be it the home, car or even a bathroom, lavishness and sophistication are in vogue for the rich and famous. When it’s about Trump Tower’s bathroom it is
automatically lavish and extravagant, as it is one of the most luxurious residential towers in the world.

Each apartment in the tower features exaggerated rooms with beautiful hand painted ceilings and one of the most beautiful decorative fireplaces from Paris, but the most spendthrift thing in the apartment are the gold-plated bathroom fixtures that are some of the most
luxurious features of the apartment. Each apartment is spread in 2,500 square feet and costs a whopping $14.5 million.

The grand and spacious living room looks like some part of a huge palace and the grand king size bedrooms with a golden touch are a place to die for, but the bathrooms of the apartment steal the show. Golden fixtures are a delight to Professional Viagra online see and relaxing to be in. The apartment is an apt place for someone with an opulent lifestyle.

If you were pleased with the other golden bathrooms such as the Versace Home Collection featuring actual gold fittings in bathrooms or The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt that has tile measuring 60cm by 60cm and precious metals including 24 carat gold and platinum,then surely the bathrooms of the Trump Tower are going to take your heart away.

The high-rise Manhattan, Midtown East apartment is listed at Rutenberg brokers.

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