TRW-17 Rotary Woofer – Designed to blow you away!

Andrea Divirgilio / September 19, 2007

trw 17 rotary woofer

Subwoofers are one of the most obnoxious yet necessary components in your system. Here, I am introducing you to the Eminent Technology’s TRW-17 Rotary Woofer that has been designed in a way to blow you away. Unlike conventional woofers, the Thigpen Rotary Woofer (TRW) uses proprietary technology to deliver ultra deep bass, much more than the largest and most powerful subs. It has enough output to find resonance frequencies of walls and ceilings in a room and it needs no equalization to achieve flat response to below 1Hz.

trw 17 rotary woofer 1

The model 17 must be professionally installed in an attic or basement, which is quite baffling. The installation costs can go as high as $25,000. If you want to hear and feel the 4-5 hertz fundamental frequency from a helicopter rotor, the low frequency rumble of wind or the space of a concert hall, the TRW-17 is what you need. All the powerful specs of the woofer are justified by the price tag that reads $12,900.

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