Tub-E electronic bathtub is too tempting to dive

Andrea Divirgilio / December 30, 2009

electronic bathtub 1
Make a splash with this new innovative design by Wild Terrain Designs that looks more like a bucket. The Tub-E electronic bathtub is a futuristic bucket design with comfortable seating and various adjustment options to give your luxury bath an all-new facet. Featuring a built-in heater placed under the seat, the Tub-E enables the user to set the water at desired temperature, and the Tub-E software helps in one-touch programming to make it easy for you to have the bath you desire on a daily basis. Pinhole LED lights inserted into the outer edges of the bathtub add an exotic feel to your bath décor, and the sturdy stainless steel staircase leading to the top of the bathtub is too tempting to dive, but make sure you dive with your legs first. Adding eco-friendly factor to the bathtub along with its auto fill, auto empty and auto clean options, the Wild Terrain Designs has simply touched the fascination to extremes.

electronic bathtub 2

Via: House Automator

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