Tune in to shower with Dornbracht’s shower tuning

Andrea Divirgilio / July 8, 2010

dornbracht ambiance tuning eswitch 1
Enjoy a customized shower without struggling with a remote control with Dornbracht’s Ambiance Tuning. Dornbracht’s hi-tech bathroom fittings designed by Sieger Design, lets you achieve the classic shower to perfection by cleaning, relaxing, regenerating to stimulate the body, the mind and the soul. Each works individually to transform water via the JustRain, WaterSheet and WaterBar outlets, resulting in a custom shower experience, on any given day and for any given mood.

dornbracht ambiance tuning eswitch 3
These three pre-programmed scenarios are controlled via the eTool, eValve and eSwitch controls. Ambiance Tuning will be available as of September 2010.

dornbracht ambiance tuning eswitch 2

Via: Trendir/Dornbracht

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