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Turn, turn, and turn the Panorama Sofa!

Andrea Divirgilio / January 24, 2008

As the focus of any living room, a sofa should be both attractive and stylish. What say about having a rotating sofa in the centre of your living room? Sounds a great idea! Check out the Panorama, a rotating sofa with space for 8 to 10 persons. Designed by Walking-Chair Design Studio, Vienna, the Panorama sofa gives one time 360-degrees rotation time in approximately 9 minutes, thanks to the electro-motorized system. While the standard model is made with a textile cushioning, you have the option to order one in leather. The gorgeous rotating sofa is 270cm in diameter with a seat height of 41cm and weight of 500kg. The comfy, luxurious, rotating Panorama sofa will set you back a whopping 30,000 Euros, if it makes again to the stock.

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