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Suntronic All-Weather LCD TVs make your backyard HDTV heaven

Andrea Divirgilio / May 21, 2008

suntronic 2x49N 48In case you are one of the rare few who like to combine the twin pleasures of TV-watching with a great BBQ party in your backyard, this lovely new line of outdoor all-weather LCD TVs from Suntronic is almost a heaven-sent for you. Available LCD TVs include sizes between 46 and 102 inches (4 panels). The gigantic 102-inch display practically makes you feel like your in the football stadium/basketball court while sunlight-readable LCD technology ensures that your TV functions perfectly in temperatures between -40 and 50 degrees Celsius come rain or shine thanks to IP65 water proofing, integrated heaters and air conditioners and the super bright LCD panel. Of course, you’ll need to siphon a major chunk of the company funds to try and get one of these for your own personal use but that’s so worth the prospect of a 5-10 years in the slammer.

via Crave / I4U

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