Turner Masterpiece sells for a whopping $47 million!
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Turner Masterpiece sells for a whopping $47 million!

Turner Masterpiece sells for a whopping $47 million!


Turner Masterpiece sells for $47 million:

In a recent auction held at Sotheby’s in London, the oil painting “Rome, from Mount Aventine”, which was painted in 1835 by British artist J.M.W Turner was sold under the hammer, for a staggering $47 million dollars. The selling price, a result of a bidding war between four interested parties. The winning party being an undisclosed telephone bidder.

British Mater, J.M.W Turner is said to have painted “Rome, from Mount Aventine”, from a series of sketches which he drew in 1828 whilst visiting Rome. The oil painting, which depicts the eternal city of Rome was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1836 before being turned over to Hugh Andrew Johnstone Munro, a private art collector who commissioned “Rome, from Mount Aventine”, for his private art collection. The painting remained in Munro’s private collection until 1878, when it was brought by the 5th Earl of Roseberry, whose family held on to it, until it was put up for auction this year.

As a result of it’s selling price, “Rome, from Mount Aventine” now holds the record for attracting the highest price in an auction for a pre 20th century piece of art, painted by a British artist. A record which was previously held by another of Turner’s pieces, “Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino”, which was brought by the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, back in 2010 for £29.7 million pounds.

Why do Turner’s oil painting sell for such high amounts? One reason may be that Turner, whose full name was Joseph Mallord William Turner is considered one of the most talented British artists in history. In fact, Turner is regarded as one of the great British masters and is world renowned for his oil, landscape paintings, although he also painted people. Also unlike many other Masters, Turner’s talent was recognized and his artwork highly sought after early on his in career. Whilst many highly regarded artists, struggled to make a living and only received acclaim after their deaths.

What makes “Rome, from Mount Aventine” in particular, so special? Sotheby’s, which is one of the UK’s most prestigious fine art auction houses, described “Rome, from Mount Aventine” as being one of Turner’s greatest achievements. On top of such an accolade, it is also said to be in pristine condition, despite being nearly 200 years old. Alex Bell, who works in Sotheby’s old master paintings department, was quoted as saying that “Rome from Mount Aventine”, looks as if it has just been freshly painted and has just been taken off Turner’s easel.

Perhaps another reason why “Rome, from Mount Aventine” attracted such a high price is that there has been renewed interest in Turner’s art work in the past few years. Some of this interest may be attributed to the biopic “Mr. Turner”, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. The film, which stared British actor Timothy Spail picked up two awards, Best Actor and a special cinematography prize.

Will “Rome, from Mount Aventine” hold on to the record of attracting the highest price for a pre 20th century piece of British art? Only time will tell as although “Rome, from Mount Aventine” is in remarkable condition, in the future private collectors may choose to auction off their landscape paintings and with Turner’s art in high demand, prices may continue to rise.

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