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TVR Sagaris

TVR Sagaris

The brainchild of British auto giant TVR, Sagaris is a sports car named after Scythian battle axe which was known to penetrate enemy’s armour with ease. Having evolved from an earlier version of TVR range of cars, T 350 to be precise, the TVR Sagaris was unveiled at 2003 MPH 03 Auto show. It was followed by pre-production model exhibited in 2004 at Birmingham Motor Show. The sale model was launched in 2005. Designed to give a mind blowing experience in enduring racing, TVR Sagaris comes loaded with multiple features, which makes it quite competitive for its genre. Made of fibreglass, the speed monster zooms to 100 kmph in just 3.6 seconds.


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The most striking and probably the most shocking feature of TVR Sagaris is that the power steering does not come with an airbag - a departure from set norms but still justified. Again, ABS and traction control too are missing, but not without reason. The plush interior equips facilities like aircon, leather seats, alloy knobs, onboard PC, slots for DVD and CD (for musical comfort while driving) and of course spacious boot to keep large volumes of baggage , all of which is meant to make the drive comfy and luxurious. You also have buttons to control the windows and the radio. There is a speedometer and revometer on the dash board, which move in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction respectively.


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The fiberglass body of TVR Sagaris has asymmetrical and unique design, which catches your eye at first sight. It has a curvaceous body spanning from the bonnet to the boot. The roof over the driver’s head is given an extra height to accommodate crash helmet. There are numerous vents, air intakes, holes and cooling ducts and distinctive front splitter rear diffuser. One may drive the car for 12 hours at a stretch without over heating the engine.

What makes TVR Sagaris even more appealing are the small inlets below the headlights and a large seven spoke rim make for an elegant wheel arches. The car weighs just over a tonne with its tubular steel chassis light composite bodywork. The car comes in some blistering range of colors such as blazing red, roaring blue, intense black, and gorgeous green.

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