TVR Tamora
TVR Tamora | $ 56,000
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TVR Tamora

TVR Tamora

The Tamora car reinforced TVR’s reputation in the market for developing and hand-building ferociously quick sports cars, and opened up new markets for the manufacturers. This two-seat roadster features a superior power-to-weight ratio than the tire smokers like the Porsche 911 Turbo; the Dodge Viper etc. making it rank higher in those categories compared to its counterparts. The two seat car not only complies with the speed factor but also pleases everyone with its nice and delighting styling.


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The Tamora’s interior features advanced details such as the doors which smoothly open as soon as you touch a button located on the underside position of side-view mirror. Wheeler and his team were sharp enough to realize the reasons for the car’s ongoing success, one of which being that it does not fob customers off with the parts-bin components derived from major manufacturers. TVR’s exclusive keep-it-in-house philosophy effectively embraces almost everything, right from unique powerful engines to stunningly crafted electronic switches and instruments.

The cockpit is extremely cozy and very welcoming indeed with the exceptionally supportive seats along with an adjustable pedal box. The five-speed manual gearbox’s stumpy shifter appears very sporting. An analogue speedometer and rev counter along with a handy multifunction digital display featuring winking shift lights. The Tamora also features powerful central locking, electric operated windows, electrically activated boot release, electrically regulating door mirrors, an electric alarm system along with engine immobilizer, and a removable face stereo for enhanced entertainment.


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The exterior styling of the car was bound to cause some controversy, which was handled efficiently. Instead the Tamora indeed is a chunkier effort, as it features a loud rear and a broad front that looks quite capable of swallowing the six cylinder 3.6-litre engine. The way in which the front wings falcate into the doors still remains, a clever legacy. Another uniquely TVR flourish in the exterior design is the vertical stacking of the front and rear lights. The TVR 350C solidly takes the Tamora platform adding up a hard top and some more way out styling. The fiberglass-bodied car becomes a real eye-popper on account of its bold swoops, scallops, swirls and spoilers. The car’s basic layout consists of well aligned upper and lower level control arms featuring anti-roll bars along with coil-over-gas dampers. The suspension used is a double wishbone planned setup at the entire four corners foe ensuring a smooth sailing ride for the passengers. Standard aluminum wheels are used with 225/50ZR-16 premium quality Avon ZZ3 tires.

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