TVR Tuscan S
TVR Tuscan S | $ 110,000
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TVR Tuscan S

TVR Tuscan S

With headquarters at Blackpool in the United Kingdom, TVR is an automotive company that has a history dating back to 1947. There is something unique and radical about TVR's designing philosophy. It does not believe in airbags, traction control and anti-lock brakes making the car more safe! Based on its experience and testing results, TVR claims that a car is safer without these 'features' than with them. The Tuscan S was thus made without any of these features after 2003. It was produced from 1999 to 2006 before being discontinued. Instead of providing 'safety features', the car is provided with a body which is so strong that brings least damage to the passenger cell. It is radical thinking no doubt and thus has won die-hard fans and critics alike.


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The interiors of the Tuscan S are capable of dropping the jaws of any observer in admiration and awe. It looks and feels like the cockpit of some space shuttle. The gear stick sits in a cozy mound-compartment on its own. The mound has controls and switches all around with illumination that is a spectacle of sorts. The dash is upholstered along with the mound and the seats are among the most luxurious in the industry. As stated before there are no safety features like the airbags, ABS and traction control. However, there is ample legroom and headroom along with seat belts for safety. There is a full roll cage along with a windscreen surround that keeps the passenger safe.


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The Tuscan S was gifted a new and powerful chassis over its predecessors. It also lacks the monococque and the body has no crumple zones. The glass fiber body has been built to take maximum impact before any impact is even made on the chassis. The engineering faith of TVR is that curved panels are stronger than the flat ones. The car thus is stunningly curvaceous in its looks. The highly curved and sloping bonnet is flanked on the front by triple vertical headlamps which give the car a unique appearance. The rear is equally curvaceous with four vertically placed tail lamps and a curvy spoiler. Two large and powerful-looking exhausts grace the rear. The tires are large and wheel spokes are also curved. It must be said that the car has a unique blend of power and sexiness.

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