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TVR Tuscan

TVR Tuscan

The original TVR Tuscan is a vintage sports car dating back to the sixties decade. It was designed and built by British sports car giant TVR in the company’s Blackpool factory in England. Production started in the year 1967 and continued for four years until 1971. It was available in two versions, V8 and V6. The V6 model proved to be the more successful make of the two. A total of 174 cars were manufactured for both the versions combined. The design was inspired by the iconic TVR Grantura race car. The car was priced in the region of 30000 USD to 35000 USD when it was first released into the market more than four decades back. Trying to catch hold of one of these golden oldies today can set back a person by millions of dollars.


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The interior was designed as per the ergonomic concepts prevailing at that time to ensure a comfortable handling experience and total safety for the driver. The seats were upholstered in high quality leather. All the controls conformed to ergonomic design standards and were very comfortable to handle. The air-conditioner ensured maximum comfort at all times but it was not very energy efficient compared to today’s cars. Nearly all the instruments were pretty simple to manage. The dashboard was designed in a simple manner and was easy to navigate. Drivers had the option of unwinding themselves by listening to the car's inbuilt radio and music system.


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It has two seats along with two doors and a sunroof. The body was designed as per aerodynamic principles to maximize speed and minimize drag. The main body was constructed from fiberglass over a tube frame. The chassis weighs 1030 kg. The car is 145 inch long, 67 inch wide and height stands at 50 inch. The front, rear tracks are each 54 inches long and the wheelbase stands at 90 inch. It has a comfortable ground clearance and the fuel tank has a capacity of 67 liters. The car was available in several colors like green, red, yellow, silver and blue.

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