TVR Typhon
TVR Typhon | $ 100,000
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TVR Typhon

TVR Typhon

Making its first apperance in the year 2004, TVR Typhon was a sports car built by the British car manufacturer TVR. Till date there are only two road legals of it, one in Scotland and the other in England. With the advent of Typhon the TVRs traditional strengths were taken to an altogether higher level. . The performance of the car is just more than incredible. The car costs approximately $100,000 USD.


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As far as the interior of the car is concerned it can be constructed as per the needs of the customer. Both the driver and passengers' seats are integrated into the carbon fibre and trimmed from a high quality Scottish hides thus providing an extra comfort. It has a Tuscan S gearbox with an adjustable gear ratios. Facilities like that of air conditioner and stereo system is also embedded in the car for the luxury purpose. The carbon fibre and aluminium stucture of the car is highly polished giving the car a high quality feel. The Typhon is of 84995 GBP.


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The whole chasis of Typhon was designed by the CAD and CAM tools and it looks very dramatic. Exteriorly it is bold and unique. Besides having adjustable dampers the body has a number of cooling ducts. The whole body work is made up of carbon fibre which is responsible for the light weight of the car. Typhon weighs only 1100 kg and thus makes a power to weight ratio of 530 bhp per tonne. The front splitter adds to the funky design of this supercar. To increase the rigidity of the car it used honeycomb and race type roll cage on the floor. In a whole outwardly it looks elegant with all the latest technology.

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