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United States
Net Worth $ 90 Million
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Born on: 4th Dec 73 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Model, Busiensswoman
Born Tyra Lynn Banks has an estimated net worth of $90 million. Tyra Banks, an American media personality, model, singer, actress and one of the original Victoria secrets ‘Angels’ was born on December 4th 1973 to London Johnson a medical photographer and Donald Banks a computer consultant in Inglewood, California. Tyra completed her graduation from the Immaculate Heart High School, Los Angeles in the year 1991 before moving on her the sucessful stint with the fashion world. Tyra Banks is not only a successful model, media personality and producer actor but also hold the record being being one of the four African American women who have had the honor of being listed among the world's most influential people by the prestigious Time magazine as well as one of People magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People'. Tyra Banks who went on to become one of the world’s first supermodels started her modelling career as early as when she was 15 years old after signing up with Elite Model Management company. In her first runway season in Europe Tyra was so successful with her unconventional looks that she was booked for a record 25 shows at the 1991 Paris fashion week. Tyra’s unprecedented success in the modelling world in Europe made her the hot choice for some of the leading fashion brands including Ralph Lauren and Chanel. After burning the fashion stage in Europe, Tyra moved back to the US and continued on her successful beginning making her way to the top of the modelling world. Testimony to Tyra Bank’s unprecedented success in the modelling world is the fact that she became the world African American model to grace the cover page of the prestigious GQ magazine as well as the sports illustrated weekly. After reaching the pinnacle of the modelling world, Tyra slowly branched out to the advertising world as well as featuring in some of the prestigious Television shows. Her portrayal of the female lead in John Singleton's drama Higher Learning and her stint opposite Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were immensely popular on Television. Tyra Bank’s affair with television became such a huge hit that she decided to move into the Television world with full steam by producing the popular reality show America's Next Top Model bringing together young modelling to compete for a Cover Girl contract and cash prize. Tyra Banks wore many hats including that of a hostess and the head judge. After the unprecedented success of her reality show, Tyra Banks began working on her talk show named The Tyra Banks Show from 2005 which made people sit up and notice the emotional quotient of Tyra unlike her physical appeal in her super modelling days. Tyra Banks has managed to successfully keep the focus away from her personal life and relationships but she has had her share of breakups and heart aches. Tyra recently split for her boyfriend John Utendahl in the beginning of 2012 and underwent a spiritual trip to Bali to clear the cobwebs of her mind. Tyra has in the past been associated or linked with Will Smith to former Women's NBA player Teresa Gaye Weatherspoon to male NBA player Chris Webber in the past.
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Tyra Banks Autos and Cars (1)

Lexus SC

Tyra Banks drives Lexus SC

Banks loves driving around in her $66000 Lexus SC 430 twin seated convertible. The car sports a retractable sun roof. The 4300 cc V8 engine packs a mean punch and delivers a power of 300 HP at 5600 rpm. The torque supplied is 325 HP at 3400 rpm. It has a 5 speed electronic system. The interiors are lined with high end leather. The top speed possible is 250 km/hour and the vehicle is capable of zooming to 100km/hour from zero in 5.9 seconds. The car also boasts of a high end Mark Levinson Audio stereo system.

Tyra Banks Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Mexico vacations

Tyra Banks was spotted in a purple bikini splashing in the beaches of Cancun and Cozumel

Tyra Banks was spotted in a purple bikini splashing in the beaches of Cancun and Cozumel in July 2011. She had a gala time sunbathing and swimming in the sea resorts with her boyfriend John Utendahl.

Location: Cancun is a world famous beach resort located in Mexico. It is hemmed in by lagoons from three sides and the Caribbean Sea forms its outermost flank. Cozumel is situated at a distance of 14 miles from the Yucatan coast in Mexico.

Accommodation: The boarding and lodging needs of tourists in Cancun are catered to by the string of hotels ranging from the very basic to the ultra-luxurious. Budgets accommodations like Sina Suites , La Quinta Inn and Suites are competitively priced in the range of 50 USD to 60 USD per night. Luxury hotels like The Ritz, Fiesta Americana Condesa carry an exorbitant price tag in the range of 300 USD to 400 USD. Three and four star hotels in Cozumel like the Melia Cozumel and El Cozumeleno Beach Resort charge in the range of 100 USD to 150 US per night.

Main Attractions: Cancun is home to some of the best beaches in Mexico. Tourists can have a gala time sunbathing by the beach side. They also have the option of indulging in various aquatic activities like swimming rafting and snorkeling. Several beach side food joints offer great food and drinks. The place also possesses several renowned heritage sites of the Mayan civilization, out of which the world heritage site of El Rey is the main one. Other ruins like Chacchoben, Oxtankah and Tulum are located near the Riviera Maya. Cozumel also has a fair sprinkling of crystal clear beaches and Mayan archaeological sites. The eco-tourism hub of Chankanaab National Park is the crown jewel of Cozumel due to the fact that it features many animals and vegetation that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The annual Carnival held here offers an unparalleled experience to visitors. 

Tyra Banks Cause (4)

Dream Foundation

Tyra Banks at the

The actress donates a large sum of money to the charity “Dream Foundation”, an NGO started in 1993.The main goal of this foundation is to uplift the quality of life for people and their families fighting against the excruciating trauma of terminal illnesses. The three main programs of this charity are “Our Dream Granting Program", "Flower Empower Program" and "Our Toy Program”. With the help of various platforms like international media platforms, many groups and health care activists campaign on the foundation's behalf.

Get Schooled Foundation

Tyra Banks and the Get Schooled Foundation visit 400 students in 2011

Banks has very sincerely put in a lot of effort for her charity "Get Schooled Foundation". She performs in various concerts to raise money for the noble cause. It is a non-profit organization devoted to increase the high school and college graduation rates. Improving post-secondary education and making people know the importance of being educated by becoming independent to take care of their own education are its two other important goals. Electronic media, technology and popular culture are used extensively to motivate young people to complete their basic education from school to help them attain success in college.


TZone foundation has been the collective effort of Tyra Banks and her mother Carolyn.

TZone foundation has been the collective effort of Tyra Banks and her mother Carolyn. Its main aim is to build a sisterhood movement among women of all age groups to raise funds and give grants to non- profit organizations that support low income and disadvantaged girls. It supports female relationships through various services and programs promoting healthy lifestyles that increase self-esteem among girls. It increases awareness about the aspirations, needs and accomplishments of women. With the help of other people their efforts yielded positive results. The resources being donated to these groups give them the strength to support the dreams of a large number of women.

Yele Haiti Foundation

Tyra Banks supports the efforts of Yele Haiti Foundation

She is one of the board advisers for the Yele Haiti Foundation which was started in 2005 by well-known musicians Wyclef Jean and Hugh Locke. It's a non-profitable charitable organization emphasizing on emergency relief, youth development, employment, education, tree planting and agriculture. The main goal is to develop a sense of pride and hope for the entire country devastated by flood. It focuses on activities like sports, music and uses the electronic media for making a positive difference to the lives of suffering people.

Tyra Banks Brands (4)

L.A.M.B. Darrel Pumps

This is one of her favorite shoes and she has been spotted wearing them occasionally

This is one of her favorite shoes and she has been spotted wearing them occasionally. L.A.M.B. has been designed by famous American singer Gwen Stefani. The designer shoes come in a classic color combination of Black Gold and silver. The fabric boasts of genuine leather with 4 1/2 inch high stiletto heels.

Christian Dior Glossy 1 Sunglasses

No Image AThe singer has a penchant for high end accessories such as the Christian Dior Glossy 1 sunglasses

The singer has a penchant for high end accessories such as the Christian Dior Glossy 1 sunglasses which she has flaunted quite often. The French made sun-glass is a best seller among celebrities. It offers 100% UV protection and costs about $250. It is available in metallic black, silver and chrome yellow colors.

Christian Louboutin Declic Suede Pumps

The actress loves wearing Christian Louboutin Declic Suede Pumps

The actress loves donning these luxurious shoes and she has donned them in several high profile events. The designer shoes are of Italian origin with an Almond toe pump measuring 130 mm and a classic red lacquer trademark sole measuring around 5 inches. A unique feature is the 0.5 inch concealed platform.

Brixton Castor Hat

The singer has donned the designer hat on one of her movie sets

The singer has donned the designer hat on one of her movie sets. It can be easily worn with both casual and contemporary looks. The fabric consists of good quality straw which maintains its shape. The high end silk lining and the outer strip band with the brand pin completes the full look.

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