Tyrannosaurus skeleton may bring more than $1 million at Heritage Auctions’ Natural History sale

Andrea Divirgilio / April 24, 2012

Just in case you happen to be Nicolas Cage, or someone who has a thing for pre-historic animal remains, the upcoming Heritage Auction Natural History Sale event is somewhere you could definitely join in. At the event, a 75% complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus is up for auction, which specialists at the auction house estimate to bring in $1 million. Said to be one of the most complete formations of the Asian family of the famous T-Rex, this skeleton is perhaps the closest approximation bone structure of the animal from pre-historic times, and should indeed have the likes of most discerning natural historians and enthusiasts clamoring for this set.

Tyrannosaurus skeleton for auction

Looking back at the pages of natural history, this 24-foot animal is known to have walked the Central parts of Asia, during its existence 80 million years ago from today’s time. With the rarity that the Tyrannosaurus and its fossilized remains are found, it has always managed to garner immense amongst the collectors and enthusiasts of natural history artifacts. Back in 1997, one of these sold for over $8 million, which speaks of the immense value and demand. This time around, one can hope for something just as big, because rarely does something of this age come in a mounted format with full preparations for display.

Tyrannosaurus skeleton for auction

Just in case one would like to know how strongly the demand for such artifacts remains in today’s times, one could definitely take a look at the IM Chait’s Natural History auction which had a Tyrannosaurus skull amongst its cherished collectibles. Also a few years back, we had talked about another tyrannosaurus skull which went on sale at Bonhams Natural History auction, and hopefully managed to garner attention.

Via: Dallas News

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