The Ultimate Hot Rodder’s Garage Package from Costco for a garage like Jay Leno’s

Andrea Divirgilio / November 26, 2012

Auto-enthusiasts and collectors have been known to pour multi-million dollars to create a garage where they can safely park their expensive and exotic cars. And this becomes very much apparent after seeing Jay Leno’s The Big Dog Garage, which is not a mere garage but a gallery, a museum and a giant archive of the best-of-the-best cars. Now for the likes of such car enthusiasts and Hot Rodders who would like to upgrade their garages to a professional level, offers the Ultimate Hot Rodder’s Garage Package. Billed as a dream come true garage package, it features the Motofloor Garage Tiles for your garage to give it more of a professional garage look, and a 2-ton capacity breakdown engine crane with high-tech jack stands and a jack, along with all handcrafted aluminum Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle to park in your high-end professional garage.

The Ultimate Hot Rodder's Garage Package from Costco for a garage like Jay Leno's

The Ultimate Hot Rodder's Garage Package from Costco for a garage like Jay Leno's

Speaking about the Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC roadsters, these beauties were originally developed in a former Polish MiG fighter factory, where skilled craftsmen had generations of experience in fabricating high-performance fighter jets. But it should be kindly noted that this powerful ride doesn’t include an engine and transmission.

The Ultimate Hot Rodder’s Garage Package notably includes a NewAge 6pc garage cabinet system, 456 sq. ft of black & white Motofloor Garage tiles, with the choice of color, one BigHorn 36 ECB safe, one FlowWall ladder hook, a Racor Extreme ladder lift, and one Trinity 41” stainless steel toolbox, along with one 2-ton capacity breakdown engine crane, jack stands and one 3.5 ton capacity low lift height jack.

Besides, we have also seen some of the most expensive garages, including the Britain’s most expensive garage which was listed for $847,820, offering 6-meter space in Knightsbridge, an ultra-expensive residential area, and the $6 million Subterranean garage which has a built-in hydraulic lift, and the ‘Autospace’ garages for your coveted cars, to name a few.

Via: CostCo

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