Ulysse Nardin creates hybrid luxury smartphone

Andrea Divirgilio / March 6, 2009

chairman phone

Ulysse Nardin is really good at making luxurious watches and I don’t understand why they need to make phones, but then, it’s all about going green. The renowned Swiss watchmaker has now partnered with the European firm, SCI Innovations, to create a hybrid smartphone called Chairman. The Chairman hybrid smartphone with watch DNA uses kinetic energy technology, which is mostly used to power timepieces. This inherently green smartphone is being said to feature a horde of components that have never been seen before in a smartphone. I really wonder what components they are talking about, but it’s an Ulysse Nardin creation and we can expect some good from them. There is no other info available related to pricing or the spec sheet. The Chairman hybrid smartphone will be unveiled at Baselworld 2009 at Ulysse Nardin’s booth.

Via: UberGizmo/TimeZone

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