Ulysse Nardin presents world’s first musical watch that plays Frank Sinatra’s tunes

Andrea Divirgilio / March 15, 2013

When virtually everything exotic has been given a chance to be gracing the mechanical watches, including the likes of DNA, moon dust, precious metals and stones, why not try some music? We previously had seen Breguet Reveil musical timepiece for Only Watch 2011, and the Caliber 777 musical watch a year before that, that added a sound sensation based experience to the wearer. Now Uylsse Nardin has decided to try this new innovation with their ‘Stranger’ watch which will be playing master jazz artist Frank Sinatra’s tune by the same name. The song called ‘Strangers in the night’ was one of Sinatra’s greatest hits, and this watch shall be playing the tune at the strike of a new hour or simply as set by the wearer.

Ulysse Nardin Stranger watch

The Stranger watch comes with a mechanical self winding movement, with Slicium technology for the escapement and also the anchor based on the company’s UN-690 movement. What also strikes as a much needed change is the crown function has been fitted with pusher button which helps set the time effortlessly.

Ulysse Nardin Stranger watch movement

The ‘Stranger’ watch saw the light of the day very recently on the 13th of March, when it was showcased in Zurich. It was the manifestation of the partnership of Dieter Meier with the company, who also happens to be the resident musician of the company and conceptual artist. His inputs made it possible to listen to the classic tune yet again, but the voice of Frank Sinatra is missing.

Ulysse Nardin Stranger watch

The mystery of the watch is still around, regarding what price this will be sold for. But it is known that the timepiece will be a limited edition of just 99 pieces, all created with rose gold. Not much more is known about the fabrication, but we gather the strapping to be in black animal leather, and the covering of the dial to be in treated sapphire crystal for an anti-reflective effect.

Ulysse Nardin Stranger watch

Ulysse Nardin has been putting in various innovations and crafted designs as a centre of their offering to the elite group of horological collectors. Some of the classic favorites for us include the limited edition Santa Maria, the million dollar Royal Tourbillon, and the Freak Diavolo edition, which all had a story to tell.

Ulysse Nardin Stranger watch

Via: WTheJournal

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