Underwood Rotobox Fifty-Module Watch Winder Cabinet

Andrea Divirgilio / October 25, 2007

watch winder cabinet

If you are a passionate watch collector with a huge automatic watch collection, you are surely going to like the Underwood Rotobox Fifty-Module Watch Winder Cabinet, Touting a blend of fine Italian cabinetry, traditional leather craftsmanship, and contemporary designed modular system, the Underwood Winding Module operates on either AC or battery power. All you need to do is to place your favorite watch on the spring-loaded mount mechanism, place in the mount into the module and turn on the unit. The unit will automatically rotate 30 minutes clockwise, then 30 minutes counterclockwise, after which it will stop for three hours. The cycle will repeat once again. The result is a 24-hour cycle, thereby making the Underwood watch winders ideal for all automatic watches, whether modern or heirloom.

The flashing green lights tell you that the system is working, even during rest cycles. The system is adaptable as you can create your system as your automatic watch collection grows. Each single unit works autonomously, even when placed in one of the Underwood multiple-unit boxes. Available in tan and black colors, the Fifty-Module Watch Winder Cabinet comes for US $56,200.

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