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UNICEF unveils $300,000 designer T-Shirt for a noble cause

Andrea Divirgilio / October 29, 2011

UNICEF unveil designer T shirt

Earlier we told you about a T shirt designed by Daniel J that costs $50,000 and was known to be world’s most expensive T-shirt. But, the record has been surpassed by the Justin and Christine Gignac designed T-shirt, which has now become the world’s most expensive T-shirt. The funky T-shirt is a result of collaboration between the UNICEF and the artist-designers to raise funds for charity.

UNICEF unveil designer T shirt

Each t-shirt has an item painted on the front. The money donated to buy the tee will be spent on that item. For example a tee with community water pump imprinted on it denotes that the money raised from this tee will help the poor people to get clean drinking water. The designer duo (Cignacs) has joined hands with Threadless to design a line of t-shirts which is a part of Wants for Sale project along with UNICEF.

These designer T-shirts are specially made to provide relief to some countries of Africa like Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Dijbouti and the prices varies from $24.50 to $300,000. The tee depicting corn-soy meal blend costs $75,000 where as cargo flight is valued at $300,000 depending upon how costly the actual price of that product is. A t-shirt depicting mosquitoes that costs $24.50 would protect 81 children against measles, which kills more than 600 children each day.

UNICEF unveil designer T shirt

The executive creative director at BBH NY, Ari Weiss, says:

“We believe people are generally altruistic, but giving people a badge for being altruistic certainly doesn’t hurt. We’re literally letting people wear their donation as a source of pride and as a means to spread the word. If friends get a little competitive over who’s being more altruistic, all the better.”

Via: PSFK/Chicagoist

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