Unique Ridable Robots

Andrea Divirgilio / July 17, 2006

ridable robot

If you don’t own a robot, but are constantly muddling over the thought to get one then you can very well settle yourself for any of the innovative robot models from the Korean company called Robot3. TheRawFeed reports, ‘The company designs robots purely for for fun including for entertainment at parties and other events.’ The coolest of all is this four-legged ridable robot called R7, which features a plush seat you can sit in while it walks around under your control. The company has enormous range featuring robots shaped like animals and it even has designed a robot shaped like a girl! The robot-cum-vehicle is priced at $5,250. So, if you love to ride animal creatures like horses, raptor and dinosaur, then you can have as many rides as you want!! Besides, its comparatively lot more cheap a price for a functional robot…what say!!

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