United Bamboo’s Feline Couture offers Matching Outfits for Cat Owners

Andrea Divirgilio / December 14, 2012

Dressing up a pet is one thing and dressing up like a pet is another. Apparently, for those pet lovers who would consider matching outfits with their pet, United Bamboo, a New York-based clothing company has designed ready-to-wear cat couture with an option to get a matching outfit tailored to wear your cat obsession in an altogether different manner. Actually born out of the desire to dress up her cat in matching couture, the co-owner Miho Aoki at United Bamboo, took her pet ownership to another level with her “Catclub” collection. The collection features 33 outfits, ranging from fur-lined parkas to cat tunic and jacket + skirt set and even a velvet cat evening gown and sequined cat dress.

Feline Couture

Cat Couture

The feline-friendly couture is made from the same materials as their human doppelgangers. The price for the feline couture is not expensive though, ranging from $20 to $98 for a cat fishtail parka, available in various colors, and a matching fur coat for yourself will set you back nearly $1,000. So far, 12 of the 33 outfits have been sold, so hurry if you want the look!

Celebrity Cat Owners

We wonder what Karl Lagerfeld would say to this, for the legendary designer has earlier confessed that his feline friend “Choupette Lagerfeld” was his inspiration for Chanel’s Fall 2012 collection. Karl who is reportedly obsessed with his white fur cat confessed that the entire collection was inspired by his cat’s eyes. The other celebrity cat owners includes actress Katy Perry, who is truly obsessed with cats, as she finds numerous similarities between herself and her adorable cat pets. The actress owns 3 cats.

Via: Today/United Bamboo

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