Unmanned Luxury Sedan To Hit The Streets

Andrea Divirgilio / September 12, 2006

unmanned luxury sedan
You have heard of unmanned spy planes and unmanned spacecrafts innumerable times, the unmanned vision has just been given a new dimension with a Chinese company demonstrating the first ever ‘Unmanned Vehicle onto Streets.’ And, Hey! Don’t confuse it with the other self-parking vehicles that made buzz sometime back! The driverless car is an exclusive modified version of FAW’s Hongqi (Red Flag) HQ3 sedan, which was unveiled last year as a concept and bears a startling resemblance to the Toyota Crown Majesta, an older Hyundai XG350.

FAW tested the driverless sedan at speeds of up to 37 mph but claims that it can notch a top speed of 93 mph. Edmunds reports that the intelligent sedan is specially equipped with two onboard cameras and receives its instructions from a computer. The driverless HQ3, “has a strong ability to recognize the environment around it and tackle turnoffs and street crossings, as well as broken lines instantly. It’s also able to adapt to changes of driving attitude and natural lighting, as well as shadows of trees and bridges.” So, let your imagination flow folks…but, don’t just cut out your chauffeur for now!!!!

via Jalopnik

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