Most unusual auction items offered for collectors

Andrea Divirgilio / September 22, 2011

Most unusual items at auction

When a commoner buys something, it loses relevance the moment he leaves the world, but it’s not a case with the rich and famous people. Celebrities would have never imagined that things they are using today will fetch millions of dollars in the years to come. When it comes to show their fondness towards their favorite celebrity, super (rich) fans are ready to splurge millions of dollar on a product endorsed by the celebrities. Such people can invest on anything that belongs to their favorite celebrity considering it as an emotional investment. Auction items not necessarily have to be a regular one, anything right from a celebrity’s hair to his worn out clothes or just a teeth could attract millions from a fan. Hence, we have compiled a list of such unique items that were went under hammer and fetched cool money:

1. Justin Bieber’s Hair

Most unusual items at auction

Price: $40,668

What happens to our hair that gets trimmed at the salon? They are wiped away with a broom but the celebrity hair is too expensive to be wiped with a broom. Recently, teenage sensation Justin Bieber got a stylish hair cut and delivered his hair to Ellen Degeneres, who put it on eBay for auctioning. The hair was put on auction for a charity. The hair is on sale for a whopping $40,688 and the winner will be awarded a day out with Justin. All the proceeds will go to The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue organization.

2. Levi’s oldest pair of jeans:

Most unusual items at auction

Price: $150,000

What do you do with your old and torn jeans? You throw it away right, but Levi’s has a different school of thought. For the people who are in love with the ripped and torn clothes, the company has unveiled its oldest jeans for sale. The pair is 100 percent organic and dates back to 1879 and costs $150,000.

3. Beatles toilet roll:

Most unusual items at auction

Price: $1,545 per sheet

One can never imagine, but the toilet rolls once rejected by the famous band Beetles while recording their famous ‘Abbey Road’ is up for sale. The band refused to use it because the toilet rolls were hard and shiny and had EMI stamped on every sheet. The unusual item was bought by Barry Thomas, 66, a grand-father of three. The item was accompanied with a well-known picture that used to be hung at the studio all through the Beatles’ time there.

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