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Updown Court: World’s Most Expensive Home

Andrea Divirgilio / July 5, 2006

uptown court

Amid the lavish surroundings of Windlesham, England, stands a massive livable structure christened Updown Court, which happens to be the world’s most expensive house in the world.

Built on a huge 58-acre estate, this one features 103 rooms plus everything that can be described as magnificence and richness to the core. Updown court gives space to a personal offers a bowling alley and a private cinema for your recreation, stables if you love horses and squash and tennis courts to hit some shots when you wanna relax.

Apart from this, a heated marble driveway awaits you every morning together with a parking space big enough to accommodate eight limousines.

What more…?

If you are living here, guess who’s gonna be your neighbours? You won’t believe but yes Queen at Windsor Castle and Sir Elton John will be there beside you.

Now comes the cost attached to this luxury villa…it’s worth $122.2 million.

Via: WealthWonders

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