The Urwerk UR-210 Maltese Falcon with World’s First Winding Efficiency Indicator

Andrea Divirgilio / September 12, 2012

Partly human; here’s the Swiss watchmaker Urwerk’s exclusively new wristwatch The UR-210 ‘Maltese Falcon’ which has been described as quasi-biologic machine that highlights and monitors the symbiotic relationship between man and his mechanical wristwatch. Almost robotic in appearance, the wristwatch boasts a sculptured horological vision of icy titanium and steel, and a three-dimensional cage inspired by the beak of the Maltese Falcon. Notably, the watch’s dial features a traditional power reserve indication at one o’clock with red/white indicator. While on the opposite side, there’s a similar indication red/green, which is the world’s first complication that indicates winding efficiency over the last two hours. Also, we have earlier seen the Urwerk’s distinctively complex UR-110 Torpedo watch, the UR-1001 Zeit Device which is one of the world’s most complicated watches, and the Urwerk for Only Watch 2011.

The Urwerk UR-210 Maltese Falcon with World's First Winding Efficiency Indicator

Interestingly, when this watch wearer is comfortably nestled in the armchair, the indicator will be tend to move towards the red zone to state that UR-210 is is running on stored energy and is not being wound enough by its automatic rotor.

The Urwerk UR-210 Maltese Falcon with World's First Winding Efficiency Indicator

However, if you are moving around energetically, the indicator will point towards the green zone, a sign that you are replenishing your UR-210 with new energy.

The Urwerk UR-210 Maltese Falcon with World's First Winding Efficiency Indicator

Further, being armed with technology of available power reserve and winding efficiency, the wearer is able to position the winding efficiency selector at the back of the watch to ‘Full’, in case UR-210 indicates that there’s an insufficient supply of energy. Resulting, the rotor then converts the slightest movement into stored energy.

But, if you are more energetic and active, then that may provide more power than the requirement and will wear the mechanism unnecessarily. In such a case, to effectively engage the rotor damping system, the wearer would position the winding efficiency selector to “Reduced”. And, in ‘Stop’ mode, the automatic winding system is completely disabled, and the Urwerk’s UR-210 runs off reserve power and may require manual winding.

Instead of being a watch, the UR-210 is rather defined as a living mechanism grafted onto the wrists. Because the watchmaker’s see it as the stuff that dreams are made of, it has been nicknamed as ‘Maltese Falcon’.

Via: UrWerk

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