USB Mixing Kit

Andrea Divirgilio / July 30, 2006

usb mixing kit

Want to do a bit of DJ-ing yourself! Then, feel inspired with this USB Mixing Kit that is ultimate for novice DJs who want to mix up their music, without getting stuck by bristling decks of buttons, knobs and sliders. This plug and play USB Mixing Kit plugs straight into your PC’s USB port and you can start mixing MP3s, CDs, WMAs, WAVs and other music files straight from your computer. The USB-DJ kit has a two-channel mixer and you can connect your turntable, stereo or headphones directly into it. And, you don’t need to get DJ-lessons from anywhere. Infact, all you need to do is to simply load the software onto your PC from the CD provided, and drag and drop your favourite songs onto the two virtual turntables that will appear on your screen to start the mixing. Either you can adjust the speed of your music on your own, or if you don’t have any technical knowledge then this little DJ-station even has Automatic Beat Matching feature. The DJ-kit also features a three band Equaliser per channel, seamless sound looping, a microphone for adding your own vocals, volume boosts for each track, and serious looking DJ headphones. The DJ station sells for just $161. So, let the party begin..!!

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