UtzonKids Denmark launches made-to-order contemporary furniture for kids
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UtzonKids Denmark launches made-to-order contemporary furniture for kids

UtzonKids Denmark launches made-to-order contemporary furniture for kids

We have all known celebs like Beyonce Knowles and Katie Holmes who are known to bare no expense to pamper their tiny tots. We recall the Swarovski bath tub, and the

From a made-to-order production line to using the finest of natural fabrication, UtzonKids certainly looks to make your Kid’s furniture just as top of the line as your high-end furniture in general. Hence, to ensure the finest quality, the construction takes place in the Danish island of Fyn which is known for its long association in the art of furniture making.

UtzonKids Willow chair

The Wave chair which is currently out in the market is a recliner-cum-chair, whose design is a single wave of flowing design. Available in multiple varieties and colors, this can be used for sitting, catching up on some afternoon, enjoying a movie or cartoon, read a book, or even simply catch up on a meal if needed be. There are 5 varieties to choose from including Wave Willow, Wave leather tan, Wave Sigge, Wave Hygge, and Wave stripes.

UtzonKids Wave Stripes

The Wave Willow is priced at $694.19, features a total of 13 finishes to choose from. The textile used here from Kavdrat, who have lent in their wool and help for the upholstery. Next is the Walnut frame Sydney leather constructed Wave Leather tan. This is a more classic design, and tends to look more timeless. This comes for a price of $867.95. The best alternative for the similar price range would be the Wave Stripes, which is a more retro looking edition of the chair, and is made with pure wool.

UtzonKids Sigge chair

A more intricate and certainly more artistic is the Wave Sigge, which has been fabricated from Sigge, a high quality cloth from Fannyaronsen. This chair also gets a walnut frame, and the cloth is more comfortable but hardwearing variety of woven wool. This retails for a price of $781.07 a piece.

UtzonKids leather Tan

The flagship edition of the furniture is the Hygge, which is the Danish for having a nice time with friends and family, and get cozy in the surroundings. The Tibetian lamb upholstery makes for a great feel, and the bright red Maplewood frame also adds to the aesthetics. This retails for approx. $1042 a piece. With these credentials to boast of, there certainly be one of the rich moms out there who are out to get their share of the Wave for their toddlers.

UtzonKids Hygge chair

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