Vacchetta leather cases for your new iPad

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2012

When something as stylish as an iPad has already been chosen as one’s personal gizmo, why not spend some more on decorating it, taking the style factor even further? We had earlier shown you a few different ways to do so, in our list of top 10 leather iPad cases, which was all about lending a ‘leathery’ style statement to your already loaded iPads, and the latest designer label to join the league is Travelteq Vachetta cases. Introducing 3 new colors and finishing options for covering up your iPad, these cases also double up as a demi-travel kit for your personal tablet. Now that’s called utility and style on the same plate.

Vaccheta leather iPad case

With a lot of us being on the traveling mode most of the time, we see ourselves divide our time with different people in different environments, which might call for utility based usage of the iPad. The new iPad case FOX, as it is being dubbed, fits the bill perfectly well with triple optional positioning. Whether it is a mini-presentation between a few people or the iPad becoming a temporary photo-stand on display, or everyday usage for typing and surfing, a few flips of the case exterior and multiple types of usage are perfectly possible and with ease that too. If storing light stationery is an issue, there are slots for card holders inside. Using them would certainly give your personal communication kit a sense of organized sophistication.

Vaccheta leather iPad case colors

In terms of looks, we have already partially described what this iPad case entails. For those looking for color options, need not be disappointed as the case is available in tan, black and maroon-red finishes. Premium Florentine and Alcantara leather, with Italian craftsmanship certainly make them an object of envy. They are priced at $300 (€225) each.

Vaccheta leather iPad case

Via: Travelteq

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