Vacheron Constantin Kallista diamond watch showcased at Hong Kong’s Watch fair
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Vacheron Constantin Kallista diamond watch showcased at Hong Kong’s Watch fair

Vacheron Constantin Kallista diamond watch showcased at Hong Kong’s Watch fair
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Vacheron Constantin Kallista watch

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Just recently in Hong Kong, the world’s largest watch and clock trading event known as the ‘Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair’ opened which happens to be a one-of-its-kind event. The event has started and will go on for a few more days Fluoxetine price and shall have 700 exhibitors from 12 countries taking part in it. One of the main highlights of it so far has been the Kallista collection of watches by Vacheron Constantin, created by designer Raymond Moretti.

‘Kallista’ as a word translates into ‘The most beautiful’ in Greek, and was first started as a collection of regal timepieces by Vacheron Constantin in 1979. The main highlights of the event so far purchasing Plavix online were a couple of masterpieces from the Swiss watchmaker which included the 118 emerald cut diamond watch, which weighed 130 carats in weight and is estimated to be over $9 million in value. The basic skeleton of the watch has been made with yellow gold on which the emerald cut diamonds have been placed. The current owner is an Arab Sheikh whose name and details are under wraps, just as most of the features of the watch. Also, it is said that the value is known to rise by $4,000 a day, and it isn’t a man’s watch either.

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The next was the 2nd Kallista watch, which was valued at $10 million and has similar design like the one mentioned earlier. This one had a white gold body and had 186 emerald cut diamonds encrusted on it. The weight was slightly higher at 160 carats, and just like the other Kalistan watch, this one was also meant for ladies. For the fans of the brand and the horological enthusiasts, Vaceron Constantin has shown some other masterpieces in the recent times such as the Overseas Perpetual buy Viagra Gold Watch, and unique inimitable Quai de’ l’lle, known for its UV markings and security features which made duplication almost impossible.

Via: Xinhua Net

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