Valentino Garavani | $ 1.5 Billion
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Valentino Garavani Net Worth

Net Worth $ 1.5 Billion
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Born on: 11th May 32 Born in: Italy Marital status: Single Occupation: Fashion Designer
Valentino Garavani is a notable fashion designer from Italy. He is the founder of notable fashion brands namely Valentino SPA, Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani, RED Valantino, and Valentino. His brands has received positive acclamation internationally. This famous Fashion Designer was honored with the prestigious Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur honor by France's President in 2006. Garavani was also awarded Medal of the City of Paris in the year of 2008. A museum in honor of this great fashion designer is going to be built in the San Teodoro region in Rome. Valentino Garavani is listed among the top ten wealthiest fashion designers in the world, having an estimated wealth of $1.5 billion. The majority of his wealth is collected from the notable brands that he has launched. His fashion boutiques draw large number crowds from all over the world. His designer dresses are auctioned for humongous price. Celebrities, fashion models, and royal families prefer to wear dresses designed exclusively by Valentino Garavani. His dresses are also used in movies and theaters. All these helped Garavani to accumulate most of the monetary wealth that he enjoys presently. Bangkok, Paris, Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Dallas, Tokyo, and so many other international locations enjoy the presence of a Valentino fashion boutique. Rich revenues are collected (around 30%) are collected from these centers. Some portion of his wealth also comes from exhibition of Valentino's old works. In the year 2002, his company Valentino SPA was sold for a whooping $210 million! A fashion designer like Valentino Garavani definitely leads a very lavish and extravagant lifestyle. But remember, he has a great business mind. He invested some a good portion of his wealth in opening the fashion brand company Valentino SPA. He has strong liking for executive cars and suits. Yes, he loves to live the life king size. During the 70's and 80's era, Garavani was noted for his rich set of Ford car models. Yes, he owned some of the most luxurious four-wheeler from Ford during those era. Garavani's Rome residence also highlights his measure of spending, luxury as well accumulated wealth status. The palatial building is marked "heritage" (est. 1575) and served as a residence for several royal families of Rome. Garavani invested a huge sum to purchase this palatial building. However, Garavani also spends a lot for charities and social causes. He has invested a significant amount of his wealth in launching L.I.F.E., a social welfare organization in support of AIDS patients. Valentino Garavani used to show interest in fashion designing right from his primary school days. He did the primary schooling from Voghera, North Italy. During those days, his aunt along with a local designer helped him learn the basic of fashion designing. Then, he moved to Paris with his parents There, he joined the School of Fine Arts in France for higher degree in Fashion Designing and Fine Arts. He is a good friend of several notable celebrities like Giancarlo Giammetti, Carlos Souza, Nati Abascal, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc. He is engaged to Italian model cum actress Marilù Tolo.
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Valentino Garavani Yachts (1)

T.M. Blue One Yacht

T.M. Blue One Yacht

Iconic Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani proudly counts a T.M. Blue One yacht as one of his most valuable possessions. Garavani has owned and operated the yacht since the year 1988 and has named it as a mark of respect to his departed parents, Teresa and Mauro, from whom the boat derives its initials “T.M.”. Garavani uses the boat to set sail to exotic beach destinations in order to de-stress himself from his hectic work schedule. And on several occasions, the designer has hosted lavish beach parties for his friends and guests on the deck of his yacht which was designed and built in 1988 by Italian luxury boat maker, The Perini Navi Group, popularly known as Picchiotti.

The vessel is approximately 152 feet long and possesses a 30 feet long beam along with 8.4 feet draught. And the superstructure of the silver gray and white colored yacht has been constructed using aluminum.

Valentino’s toy is powered by two propeller based Caterpillar 3412TA engines that deliver a combined output of 1550HP. The T.M. Blue One is capable of a mean cruising speed of 12 knots and its full 102000 liter tank of fuel can propel it for about 7000 nautical miles at a stretch without refueling.

The boat has enough space on board to accommodate nine crew members along with ten guests simultaneously. Garavani’s yacht has been very luxuriously styled and its interiors have been designed by famous decorator Peter Marino. The flooring of the deck has been made from expensive teak wood. There is a Jacuzzi along with a spa on board and also a well-stocked mini bar. The spacious guest rooms have been tastefully decorated with paintings of iconic artists of the class of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.

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