Valextra Rendez-Vous Clutch brings your watch and bag in one
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Valextra Rendez-Vous Clutch brings your watch and bag in one

Valextra Rendez-Vous Clutch brings your watch and bag in one

The Italian fashion brand Valextra’s bespoke leather clutch just got more precious with Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendezvous. The luxury leather goods manufacturer from Milan has collaborated with the Swiss Haute Horlogerie brand for a namesake Rendez-Vous Clutch, that brings the two of the most important things in a order Prozac women’s wardrobe in one. Inspired by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Rendez-Vous collection for women, the clutch brings the nostalgic pocket watch kind of feel in a reinvented style by attaching the watch to the clutch. The Rendez-Vous watch worn on the wrist during the day can be attached to the clutch to make for an attractive jeweled belt, so you can highlight your evening clutch and the watch, at the same time.

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The ‘Tammy Clutch’ line from 2009 inspires the brand’s box-shaped zippered bags. The Rendez-Vous clutch is created in soft leather using specially selected skins, which have been bred in the French Alps, true to Valextra’s philosophy. The finest leather is enhanced by special dyeing techniques for finest quality and bespoke silhouette and hand-painted with a technique that entails the application of the lacquer to the softly rounded sheared edges which are Indocin online thereafter polished to perfection.

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The clutch features palladium hardware that has been order Cytotec purchase generic dapoxetine online. high quality dapoxetine from trusted supplier. affordable price. visa, mastercard accepted. dapoxetine is used to treat been lightened in weight, for convenience. The sliding and retractable side clasps allow for easy insertion of the watch strap. In the digital age, where the phone serves as a timekeeping tool, Valextra and Jaeger-LeCoultre wants you to put the focus back on the wrist.

Everpurse with built-in battery charger

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Another unique bespoke clutch which redefines the purpose of carrying it as an arm candy is the Everpurse, a purse with a built-in phone charger. The small pouch is meant to fit inside a larger bag, and it "automatically connects to the charger via gravity whne you drop you phone in the bag carrying the pouch," says Liz Salcedo, the creative head behind the ultimate hi-tech bag.

Via: Valextra

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