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Van Geest Design 60 meter sailing yacht unfold itself to offer beach lounge area onboard

Andrea Divirgilio / March 28, 2013

One of the better champions of ‘Open’ and ‘Modern’ designs in yachts, Van Geest Design is out with their latest creation, called ‘Open’. This 60-metre yacht vessel focuses on what they have always done best, i.e bring in a modern yet minimalistic touch, while keeping the comfort and beauty in mind for the prospective owner. In some ways, the Open yacht looks as futuristic a vessel as some of the latest generation with the hidden curves and sleekness along with plenty of glass surfaces laden across the vessel. But never the less, one has to admit the simplicity of the overall aesthetics, which incidentally has been the credit of Rob Doyle Design, who is the naval architect on this project. They have ensured that the ‘Open’ can survive almost all water conditions, and ensure comfort of the passenger on board.

Van Geest Design Open yacht

Whether it is taking part in a race, or simply sailing around in a lazy cruise in various oceans, the Open will be a perfect companion for its sleek design. The fly bridge of the yacht, the main attraction point, has the main lounge and dining area where the 360-degree views are ideal for seeing the external beauty of nature, while staying cozy inside. The main deck on the other hand, where most of the common areas a based has been a non-cluttered look, giving the space more ‘open’ a feel and using the limitations of size rather judiciously.

Van Geest Design Open yacht

The deckhouse on the other hand, is another interesting space, especially one enjoys the outdoor water sports. The raised bulwork superstructure houses the swimming pool and bathing area, and provides an easy reach for the owners cabin and rear passarelle, which would then exit directly to the waters behind the yacht. With the help of the tender based inside this yacht, and other sports equipment, this part can be used for a wide variety of water sporting activities.

Van Geest Design Open yacht

Doing the numbers, the Open yacht has a 60 metre long body with 1,250 sq mts of total space, spread over a few decks of the vessel. The main sailing area is sized at 880 sq mts. However, this 520 tonne displacement body will have space for 10 guests and 10 staff members to fit in with reasonable comfort. Though the engine hasnt been revealed as yet, but looking at the weight control of the yacht, we would take a guess at a hybrid engine to pull the vessel through. Brings back memories of the superyacht concept from 3 years ago.

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Via: Van Geest Design

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