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Van Perckens world’s most expensive champagne cooler sells for $724,460

Andrea Divirgilio / December 24, 2012

The wealthy don’t need a reason to celebrate. Billionaire and real estate tycoon, Donald Trump once splurged $365,000 for a mobile champagne cooler. So for the filthy rich for whom money is no object, Van Perckens, a designer collective that designs and produces limited edition luxury items, has designed the world’s most expensive champagne cooler finished in solid 20 ct. gold in combination with precious stones. The limited-edition Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne cooler is masterly crafted out of 7kg of 20 ct gold. Described to be a symbiosis of precious metals, crystal, passion and traditional Dutch craftsmanship, this collectors’ edition champagne cooler, is actually the result of the remarkable and labor-intensive production methods that makes it a work of art. Specially created for the billionaire party lovers who spend millions just on champagne, and has an extraordinary sense of style, this gilded champagne cooler take it up a notch with extraordinary details and craftsmanship involved.

Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne cooler

Van Perckens world's most expensive champagne cooler sells for 550.000 Euros

Interestingly, this expertly crafted champagne cooler has originated directly from the drawings and concept of designer that embodies the concept of pure luxury, and is recognized by its inimitable, fresh design.

Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne cooler

And, the craftsmen also impressively execute the designer’s design to the very last detail to craft the item that itself radiated the passion with which it has been created and crafted.

Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne cooler

The prestigious Van Perckens collection comprises a diverse range of products, especially created for those who enjoy the finesse and distinction of the highest available quality.

Rosewood case

Also available in sterling silver and silver/gold variants, the Nr.8 Champagne cooler is personally delivered in a hand-crafted Rosewood case enhanced with gilded details. The case’s interior is tastefully lined. The sliding drawer holds 6 champagne goblets and a pair of tailored, signature black gloves.

Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne cooler

Notably, the design can also be exclusively tailored to individual requests without compromising the design’s uniqueness.

Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne cooler

Each champagne cooler carries its own comprehensive certification and it adorns a price tag of $724,460. So if you are looking for a collector’s item to gift for the connoisseur in your life, this could be the perfect gift.

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Via: VanPerckens

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